Name: Carolyn Wang
Hometown: San Francisco
Years in Glass: 12 years
Website:www.casalinaglass.com, www.carolynwang.weebly.com


GLANC Member since 2012





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Artist Spotlight - July 2012


I had the opportunity to meet recently with Carolyn Wang, a glass artist who has a studio in San Francisco. Her work is very meticulous, yet effortless, reflecting her background in science and design. Following are the highlights from my visit with this talented artist.

Demetra Theofanous
Artist & GLANC Board Member


Do you work in any other mediums and if so, for how long?

I've also worked with clay and wood over the years. Clay, since I was 8 years old, and wood since art/design school. I now mostly work with these materials as vehicles to support and achieve my end result in glass.

What inspires you?

Pretty much everything. I can find inspiration almost anywhere, because I love to examine things, natural and man-made. My desire to know how things work often results in me taking things apart to look at the details. Perhaps this is a residual effect from my Industrial Design days.

The microscopic is fascinating to me, while I can also be in awe of the beauty of the vast landscape. And when I travel, I always ask for the window seat because I love looking at the clouds, earth, and water below. The coastline is fabulous! Color, texture, pattern, line. Then, there is also music and dance; fluid movement, gesture, rhythm, hold, and emotion. My senses absorb my surroundings, the psyche distills it, but ultimately it is my curiosity that drives me to create.

Spring Rain Red Bubble Bowl

Who or what has been most influential in your craft?

My education in art, science, and design, at UCSD and CCAC (now CCA) certainly played a role in preparing me for how challenging glass is as a medium. It provided me a good base to start from, but my continued studies and the exposure I've gotten at Pilchuck have driven me to go further with my work by allowing me to try things I may not have otherwise had the opportunity toexperience. Pilchuck is a Shangri-la, because my only responsibility when I'm there is to learn and create. I always come away with new ideas to explore or incorporate into my glass.

Some luminaries in glass whose work has influenced me are Klaus Moje, Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Bryctova. I am also grateful for my friendship with David Ruth, who has always been encouraging.

Cast Cloud Sculpture

If you could look inside the studio of any artist, who would it be and why?

Alexander Calder's Studio. I would love to have met him and seen his studio. He was a very prolific artist, and I think his studio would have been a lot of fun. There would have been all kinds of things to see and play with. He has always been a hero of mine.


Briefly describe your creative process.

I do a variety of different type of work. Some pieces start with drawings. If the design is loose, I may go straight to the glass. If the design is tight, I often then work in CAD to fine tune proportions. Sometimes I start with words, then drawings... other times, especially for the more organic sculptural pieces, I may go sculpt in clay after a quick sketch... really, it's not a process that's set in stone. I employ whatever method necessary to get to the end result.

What do you see as your biggest challenge as an artist?

Making a living as a working artist.

Any upcoming shows?

I'll be displaying at the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival in July at Rinconada Park on July 14 - 15, 2012, and San Francisco Open Studios 2012 on Oct 20 - 21, 2012

Anything additional you would like to add?

Passion, excellence, beauty, wonder.

Infinity Amber

Thank you, Carolyn, for allowing us to peek inside your studio, and gain a deeper understanding of your work. If you would like to visit Carolyn's studio, please contact her (information at beginning of article).