Glass Legend Paul Marioni Visits the Bay Area in October 2013

I met Paul Marioni in the fall of 2012 while in Scotland at Northlands Creative Glass. I’d been encouraged by Susan Longini to take a class there and visit this beautiful and unique location, however her recommendation of “haggis pizza” seemed questionable. I learned a great deal from Paul during his class on sand casting, and really loved the process as a way for continuing to develop my own work on a larger scale.

Last summer when I visited Paul in Seattle he mentioned that he had a lot of free time in the upcoming months. Within days of that visit I’d contacted Susan about GLANC helping make a visit by Paul to the bay area a reality. I worked with her as well as Nate Watson at Pubic Glass, Kier Lugo at The Crucible and Joan Phillips at BAGI to create a schedule. We worked together to build an action-packed five days of events.

Paul started on Saturday Oct 12 at The Crucible, which was underwritten by GLANC. He did a presentation on his glass career and with the help of Kier Lugo and myself did a sand-casting demo. He made a piece called “Cow Devil” which is a mask with a long nose and pointy ears. I made a piece called “CruciBoy” and both pieces were donated to The Crucible and will be on display there. We also worked with a few children to make a cast glass tile.

On Sunday Paul did a lecture and demo at BAGI in San Jose, starting off the day with a delicious breakfast with BAGI board members and special guests. Paul created a skeleton profile cast piece and worked with several attendees to make glass tiles of their hands and other objects.

Starting on Monday Oct 14, Paul taught a three-day sand casting class at Public Glass in San Francisco. Evan Venaas and myself assisted him, and we had an amazing time working with the students in the class. They made great strides in developing their sand casting skills, and are excited to continue explorations with this method of working with glass.

I think everyone, including Paul, had a wonderful time during his visit and we all learned a great deal. Many people attended the events at each location, and I was pleased to see all four glass organizations in the bay area come together to host this glass legend, Paul Marioni.

Paul Marioni with
molten sandcast mask


[Janice Peacock]