GLANC Goes to Palm Springs

[Susan Longini, Palm Springs Participants
Photos: Richard Klein, Muni Barash]

Our GLANC tour to Palm Springs April 4-7 was an unqualified success. Imago Galleries owner David Austin proved to be a fabulous host and provided us entry into the homes of seven serious art collectors. We were greeted with gracious hospitality, heard the stories behind the collections, and realized that these collectors are also major philanthropists, giving art, money and time to create a better Palm Springs community.  Everyone we met impressed us on multiple levels. The art collections were diverse in their focus, including painting and sculpture in various mediums as well as glass. Imago is a gallery that could be a small museum both in scale and quality of work. While it is not exclusively a glass gallery, we were so fortunate to come when Karen LaMonte’s Ukiyo exhibition was on display. It is probably the world’s largest single collection of work by this artist and packs a wallop.

Given that there was so much to see, all of it wonderful, I asked our travelers to answer the following questions:

1. What single work of art stood out to you and why?

2. What experience stood out and why?


Here are some of the responses:

Chihuly boat at Redstone home


1. I think Karen LaMonte's work up close was the most impressive, though I loved the Chihuly boat at the Redstone residence—so pretty in its garden/lake setting.

2. I enjoyed the house tours, but I missed any studio tours where we saw a demo and learned something.


1. My favorite piece was the seven Crystal shoes displayed vertically. This was a piece upstairs in the Imago Gallery. For some reason I couldn't find the $50,000 needed in my pocket!

2. Most interesting home-Donna MacMillan.

Entry to MacMillan home theater


1. My favorite was the blue Half Torso which I believe was in the Barry Morse collection, and the artist was Clifford Rainey. For some reason it fascinated me.

2. Visiting the Donna MacMillan house and collection was the most interesting and only a limited few have that opportunity.


1. For me it seemed to be pieces by Christina Bothwell. After purchasing her piece from Imago, I noticed that subconsciously I had taken a lot of photos of her work!

2. It was all wonderful, very difficult to pick a stand out moment. Seeing the Karen Lamont show, with her current work was the best because we would not have seen it without the GLANC group going to PS.


1. I loved the white piece at in the Kaplan-Ostergaard  gallery at the Palm Springs Art Museum by Masahiro Asaka... large round, with trailing glass edges. The Kaplan-Ostergaard home also had one.

2. Loved the whole trip.

Imago Galleries


1. Christina Bothwell's Deer at the Imago Galleries.
Initial Attraction:

  • Its form - a deer
  • Its color - pink
  • Its design - with painted butterflies and insects

Third Look:

  • Noticed the baby inside the deer
  • Not sure then if I liked it as much - possibly disturbing
  • Why was it there - imagery (most likely) or other?


  • I liked the piece even more as it was beautiful yet challenged my thinking, ultimately being successful on multiple levels.

2. Personal conversation with Donna MacMillan about philanthropy, giving of your time and money to both support the arts in general but especially to provide the opportunity for others to learn and expand their own appreciation.

MacMillan Living Room


1. Oh, there were so many pieces that I liked. But the Karen Lamonte glass kimono at the Kaplan-Ostergaard house was my very favorite piece of art.

2. Seeing the lovely art pieces in the homes of their owners; listening to the owners share their stories and passion for their art collection.  

Bronze Kimono at Imago


1. ART—piece by Karen LaMonte or woman's torso made of vines by Janice Miltenberger in Palm Springs Art Museum

2. Experience—Meeting the first homeowners/ collectors—David Kaplan and Glenn Ostergaard


Bothell and Abright in Morse home

1. I loved the single room full of art at Imago Gallery - Karen LaMonte room with 4 glass full figures.

2. The beauty of the Morse home and the art in the Kaplan-Osterman home.


1. Overall I liked the Kaplan-Ostergaard collection best because they have great depth in Australian glass artists and that is something I have have not seen in American collections. The work of Brendan Scott French (Australian) stood out and other than that Paul Rude (Philadelphia) work stood out for me.

2.The experience which stood out was the overall quality of art in the Palm Springs Art Museum. Their collection is outstanding.


1. Two answers to this one... my favorite piece of art was the horse of reused material in the alcove outside the cardiologist’s home... the reason is because the horse was well done, expressed feeling, but it also had a perfect setting, and was appropriate to the territory, all combining to make a wonderful artistic experience. My favorite piece of glass was the glass vase by Evelyn Dunston in the Kaplan-Ostergaard home because it was intrinsically beautiful and changed color throughout the day (per them), having interplay with light that I think is one of glass's important gifts. It also was well displayed as a center of attention, and it also was technically dazzling.

2. What stood out to me was the difference of reactions to every piece of art and every collection we saw. I was quite surprised how very varied the responses were among a group of what I imagined to be somewhat homogeneous collectors. Things I thought were playful someone else thought was overwhelming, things some were attracted to others weren't, constantly. Very, very interesting. Lots of differences of opinions.


1. I think my favorite art was the piece we bought by Jun Kuneko.
2. It is especially nice to view or buy art with others who share the same interests that you have. We all have different taste so there seems to be no problem with everyone wanting the same thing.


1. Most outstanding work of art: Impossible to decide! Probably the stream with Chihuly's work flowing through the dining room, as it was so unique! The Davide Salvatore's are a close second, due to the incredible amount of work in them.

Chihuly glass river at MacMillan's


2. Best Experience: Seeing the architecture, coupled with the art installations, of the Kaplan/Ostergaard, Redstone, & MacMillan homes. All of the water available for gardening is amazing in the middle of a desert.


Kaplan-Ostargaard Home


1. I loved the pieces we saw by Christina Bothwell, I had not seen her work before and found it intriguing... so much to see in each figure.


1.Marilyn; best reflects Palm Springs

2.Morse house; best integration of art and architecture.



1. Too much wonderful art to choose just one - We saw a number of gorgeous Deborah Butterfield horses. The Chihuly boat was A-1. Outdoor sculpture garden at Imago, Thomas Scoon sculptures greeting us in front of the Hoffman residence. Lino’s installation at Annette Bloch’s. Therman Statom in several homes. MacMillan house -Stream going through the living room, originally intended for goldfish, but was taken over with Chihuly installation.

Therman Statom in the bathroom


2. Best (non-art) experience – Welcome and Farewell dinners: Dinner at Le Vallauris was excellent... a perfect evening under the trees in Palm Springs. Looking at my pictures, I had taken photos of the presentations... they were so fanciful and delicious. Dinner at Bighorn Country club. It was such a gorgeous setting... to be able to eat outside on a beautiful evening and get to know the collectors and gallery owner better.


Conclusion: Art, architecture, interesting people... what more could you want?