GLANC Members Visit Oakland Artists

On February 2nd, GLANC members had the opportunity to visit two glass studios in Oakland.

We began our tour at Bruce Pizzichillo and Dari Gordon's studio (www.quepasaglass.com). Bruce, along with his assistants, created a very beautiful large vessel, and explained just what he was doing during the entire process. He then showed us around his studio, and showed us and talked about other projects that he is working on, which were very different from what he had demonstrated for us.

After a delicious lunch at the Oaks Card Club (who would have guessed), we went to Bryan Goldenberg's studio to watch Alexis Silk along with Andrew Noga, her partner, (www.nogasilkartglass.com) sculpt an elegant female torso from hot glass. Afterward she showed us many other of her and Andrew's sculptures and described the meanings behind them. The entire day proved to be a very educational and wonderful experience.

People have really liked our tours. Here is what a few of them have said about this tour:

WOW. What a great field trip! The two-hour demonstration by Bruce Pizzichillo was so interesting and informative We watched him, with two able assistants, attach two pieces of hot glass after first creating an intricate pattern on the bottom portion. He finished by spinning out the top to form a very large, beautiful incalmo vessel. He later shared his thoughts about his career and showed us some pieces destined for a sculpture show in the spring. The afternoon demonstration was no less interesting. We watched Alexis Silk sculpt a beautiful female torso out of hot glass. I've watched a lot of demonstrations, but these two were special. I am so glad I went out on that cold, wet day. Nancy Ruskin

Our visit to Bruce Pizzichillo gave us a deeper understanding of the chemical structure and physics involved in the production of art glass. After giving us a comprehensive demonstration of his techniques, he opened up his gallery and walked us through his newest works, soon to be seen at a new glass gallery opening shortly in Oakland. We loved his imagination and creativity, which go in a surprisingly different direction than his production work. Next we visited Alexis Silk, a new rising star in sculptural glass, along with Andrew Noga. Alexis comes to glass art from a background of metal sculpture. She sculpts graceful sensual female torsos, in ballet-like lifts, reflecting her interest in women as strong and supportive of one another. She brings a unique feminist vision to sculpting in hot glass. Eva and Richard Klein

We really liked the Bruce Pizzichillo demonstration. He explained everything so well and we really liked his presentation. We appreciated all the time that he spent with us explaining how he did his work. We loved the beautiful and colorful piece that he made for us.

Also, we found his prices to be very reasonable. We found that Alexis' demo was very informative. She presented everything so well, and we really learned a lot. This was one of the best tours that GLANC has done. Hugh and Anne Bevan-Thomas.

If you haven't been on one of our tours, or not been on one in a while, you can see that you are missing out on some interesting and enlightening experiences.

Come join us next time!

[Linda Goldstein]