GLANC Members Visit Hayward and Fremont

On Saturday, November 19th GLANC members traveled to Hayward and Fremont to visit three artists, two in their studio and one in a gallery. We began the tour at Kersey's Glass Works in Hayward. Both Mary and Steve Kersey are known throughout the United States and abroad for their large glass work. Steve is famous for his sandblasted panels, and showed us some of the pictures he has sandblasted from. He explained his process to us in detail in addition to explaining how his sandblasting room works. Mary is known for her fused and slumped pieces, and showed us her huge kilns and the process that she uses. Many of the attendees of the tour were glass artists who couldn't get enough of Mary's useful information.

Our next stop was at the Olive Hyde Art Gallery in Fremont where Susan Longini was showing a retrospective of her glass work throughout her career. Susan gave us a tour of her work, starting when she was in college to the present. It was amazing to see all the different kinds of glass that she has created, from stained glass, to fusing and slumping, to kiln-cast glass, to pate de verre quilts that she hangs on walls. What an inspiring and creative artist!

We concluded the tour with a delicious lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. The entire day proved to be a very fascinating and educational experience.