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July 2017 Newsletter (PDF)


Message from President

As I reflect on GLANC over the years, I am heartened by the way it has grown and evolved. Given my early experiences in glass, it was important to me to make my time on the GLANC board about developing programming to help other artists, and build a stronger sense of community as a whole. Through our Business of Art Program, the GLANC Member Artist show at the GAS Conference, and most recently our Glass Currents exhibition at Richmond Art Center, we have worked to give artists the tools they need to succeed, increase the visibility of glass art in the community, and give opportunities to all artists – both emerging and established.

Through our monthly Day Tours, and our new Maestro Program, we have created more ways for the glass community to come together, learn, and share in their passion for the glass arts. These many new facets to our organization have bridged the gap between collectors, artists, and glass enthusiasts, deepening our knowledge and understanding, and creating a more diverse and stronger sense of community. Through our Scholarship Program, we are available to give back to the broader community, and have an important impact on students pursuing a career in the glass arts. We look forward to continuing in this spirit, particularly at a time when the glass world has faced so many new challenges.

We have reached the half-way point in the year, and are looking forward to a very busy second half of 2017. We have our exciting tour coming up to Toronto, and a number of visiting artists to look forward to in the fall. July is also time for our annual Membership Appreciation event – this tradition is our chance to thank all of you that support GLANC and let you know how much we appreciate you! We are excited to be visiting the home of Tom and Kendra Kasten this year – thank you Tom and Kendra!

Lastly, after many years on the Board, we bid farewell to Susan Longini and Jim Della. We thank them for their service and contributions to GLANC over the years. I am also excited to introduce our new Scholarship Chair, Cherie Sopkin, who brings with her a tremendous amount of experience in and passion for, funding for the arts.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer, and look forward to seeing you at our Membership Appreciation Event in July!

— Demetra Theofanous


Welcome New GLANC Members!

Welcome new members Willi Haye, Terry Kulka, Lucille Glassman, Sonya Ruehl, Montague Gallery, Linda Gass, Kyla Medigovich, Judy Alland, David Camner, Elise Ordorica, Raine Rude, Wendy Williams, Richard and Dee Bittman, Lesley Underwood, Charles and Donna Figone.

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