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April 2017 Newsletter (PDF)


Message from President

Although the rain keeps pouring in the Bay Area, we are excited to shine some new light on the GLANC Board, with the addition of two new Board members that joined us mid-term! Camille Hamilton, the manager at Bullseye Glass for the last couple of years, has recently left to pursue her art. Sylvia Chesson is also an artist, having left behind her work in Biotech to pursue her love of glass. They both bring with them nonprofit experience and a passion for the arts - we are excited to have them both on board!

GLANC continues to develop new programming, in an effort to extend our reach in the community. This summer we are co-sponsoring an exhibition with the Association of Clay and Glass Artists, at the Richmond Art Center. “Glass Currents” was a national call for entry, with a focus on glass artists with a connection to California, in an effort to honor the early roots of the glass art movement in the Bay Area. Programming like this is critical in raising the visibility of the glass arts in the community, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support. It is also an important vehicle for emerging artists or those without gallery representation, to gain exposure for their work, and for all the artists in the show to connect with others in the community through their art. We have several new members that joined GLANC as a result of hearing about the exhibition, and we look forward to the opening this summer!

— Demetra Theofanous


Welcome New GLANC Members!

Welcome new members Willi Haye, Terry Kulka, Lucille Glassman, Sonya Ruehl, Montague Gallery, Linda Gass, Kyla Medigovich, Cherie & Elliot Sopkin, Judy Alland, David Camner, Camille Hamilton, Elise Ordorica, Raine Rude, Wendy Williams, Richard and Dee Bittman.


Art on Exhibit: Jay Musler Gallery

Coming....the Jay Musler Gallery will be opening in spring, 2017 in San Francisco. It will be a gallery featuring Bay Area glass artists and will be open by appointment only. GLANC will be visiting in the next few months... so stay tuned for details.


Join us in Toronto

We still have a few spaces in our upcoming Toronto trip from August 23 to August 27. Join us to see world-class collections, artists’ demos & lectures, award-winning museums, & Sandra Ainsley's fabulous gallery. If you need a copy of the brochure emailed, please contact Carol Mapes at

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