Annual Member Appreciation Event

[Tom Kasten]

Almost 60 people attended the Member Appreciation event held over two days at Jim Della’s home in the East Bay. Many have been to Jim’s house on several occasions, but Jim’s collection (and home) continue to evolve, so no matter how often you visit Jim, you are bound to see new pieces and new placements. What made this visit so special is the tour that Jim gave us. Of course, he tells us the name of the piece and the artist, but perhaps even more interesting for us as collectors are the stories behind the acquisitions.

There used to be a TV program called the Naked City which took place in New York City and began with the line, “There are 9 million stories in the Naked City.” New York, meet Jim Della, who has a million stories about glass art, the artists, the galleries and the art of collecting. Thank you, Jim, for once again, opening your home so that we can see your marvelous collection, including the pieces displayed in the shower and the bathtub. Once you think Jim has run out of space, he finds other creative ways of displaying his collection. As an added bonus, Jim also has an amazing butterfly collection.  

Jim Della with Jay Musler and Kathleen Elliot