GLANC Day Tour - Palo Alto High School Glass Program

[Patrick Fleming, Arlene Garfinkle]

For the September GLANC Day Tour, members visited the Palo Alto High School Glass Program. Glass program alumni had returned and were also there for the demo. Several were pursuing the glass arts in their colleges. 

We were impressed by the fact that the students were making the most out of the course, trying to get time at the furnace. During lunch they routinely had to make a sign-up list for blow slots because so many wanted to participate.


Instructor Steve Ferrera explaining the Palo Alto High School Glass Program


Steve Ferrera, the new instructor, is very enthusiastic, and the students admire him. He gave a PowerPoint presentation of his work, which was very impressive, using mixed media along with his glass. He is creating a children’s book with the animated characters created with some glass components, as well as mixed media background scenes. This past summer he completed a residency at the SF Museum of Art, where he started this endeavor.

In the glass program, students work on a number of different techniques, which meets the fine arts requirement for graduation. First they must take a preliminary class Introduction to Art; then they can sign up for the glass program. After the general glass program, they can sign up for their electives and pursue their own projects in glass. Some have taken classes at Corning and travelled to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

The glass program has been totally supported by their annual glass Pumpkin Patch and parent donations.
GLANC will now add our support to the glass curriculum at Palo Alto High School with scholarships for distinguished students showing promise. There are only a few public high schools in the nation that have a glass-blowing studio.


Palo Alto High School Glass Program Students