Question: What was the single biggest impression of the Seattle Trip?

Enjoyed the trip a lot. The boathouse was so great especially when we realized it was mentioned in "Boys in the Boat." Also enjoyed meeting Ginny Ruffner, and having brunch in her magical house. Her eye is amazing and seeing how she places her plants and objects is an inspiration. All the arrangements worked beautifully and the weather certainly cooperated.
– Esther


I had a great time viewing the works of Shelley Muzylowski Allen. Her animals were magnificent; impressive enough for Nancy and I to buy a piece. Also, I learned about glass decals using photographs at Pilchuck. Interesting enough for me to consider taking a class in the future. After all, Nancy (my wife) already owns a kiln.
– Fred


I was so impressed and moved by the sense of community at Pilchuck – students and staff like choreographed worker bees with a common dedicated purpose and commitment”
– Jim


The great part about these trips is meeting the artists and realizing the detailed work that goes into each piece. When looking at a finished piece one can never process the time, detail, labor, and deep thought behind the work. (Cerebral process)
– Jeanne


Being a newbie to the world of glass art, I came away from this trip feeling that I had the most satisfying indoctrination into this wonderful art form! It took me to the cradle and bastion of the studio glass movement in America, and beyond... exposing me to so many of the major players/artists of this unique and beautiful creative ability. Can you imagine my delight and satisfaction, when visiting the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, to encounter so many of the artists, being exhibited, that we just had the pleasure of meeting on such a intimate and personal basis? I thoroughly enjoyed my fellow travelers, hotel accommodations, restaurant choices and, most importantly, the venues we visited, all so special that it is hard for me to choose the individual one that stood out the most. Forced to choose, I would have to say, Pilchuck, The Chihuly Boathouse and, of course, the marvelous home and studio of the indomitable Ginny Ruffner!!
– Ray


GLANC at the Chihuly Boathouse


Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. A new technology in making Decorative Glass is around the corner. See the Article in the Economist , August 22nd-29th 2015 issue, p.p. 64-65. 3D printing. What goes around, comes around. Fine glass is the latest material to be manufactured additively.
– Ellena


Coming from Arizona and joining the GLANC Seattle Art tour, we were welcomed with open arms. The entire trip was first class: a lovely boutique historic hotel, timely clean transportation equipped with video capability, good food, and an insiders view of art glass and Chihuly in Seattle. We felt like insiders; visiting and participating in hidden spaces special places not available to individual travelers. Highlights included lunch with the students at Pilchuk, studios of glass artists, and homes of collectors.

Will highly recommend GLANC to our friends!

Thanks a million,
– Susan and Lee


Ginny was such an amazing person! Even more than the strength of her persona, her sweetness, especially thinking about all that has happened, was something amazing to bask in.
– Judy


Ginny Ruffner and Judy Abrams