GLANC Goes to All That Glitters

GLANC members spent a glorious day in the North Bay Sunday, 9/27.

Driving deep into the countryside, we visited the studio of Steve Gandolfo and Jean Salatino, a husband-wife team who specialize in blown and carved glass. Both graduated from CCA. Steve is the blower, creating lovely forms in hues of orchid, fern green, and salmon. Jean is a master coldworker, taking the blown vessels and transforming them with her contemporary and distinctive carving. More of Steve and Jean’s work can be seen at http://www.salatino-gandolfo.com


GLANC visits Steve and Jean


After a delicious lunch in Petaluma, the group went to Petaluma Arts Center to see All That Glitters, a spectacular exhibition of work by 23 Bay Area artists who have been influential in the development of the Northern California glass community through their artwork, teaching, and mentoring programs. Artist and educator Mary White has developed a comprehensive interactive timeline of all the institutions in CA from their inception…where, when, and who. She gave a delightful talk which enlightened us about the history of our glass community. 


Mary White and the Timeline

Our last stop was across the street at Icehouse Gallery, a new exhibition space which continued the All That Glitters show. The coordination of the two venues was superb, resulting in a very large, beautifully mounted show of outstanding quality.


[Susan Longini]