Day Trip: Latchezar Boyadjiev’s Novato Studio

[Sylvia Chesson, Camille Hamilton]

In April we visited Latchezar Boyadjiev’s lovely Novato studio. It’s equipped to the hilt with over-sized kilns, all the cold working tools one can imagine and many hand-sculpted molds marking years of work.  One of the beauties of his space is that the living quarters are upstairs allowing him to work, live, and entertain in harmony. His wife plays the harp and our visit was accompanied with her soothing songs in the background. Their home was filled like a museum with pieces that span the decades of his career. They showed the depth of his work, as well as, the change in various processes over the years.


Latchezar Boyadjiev's Studio


His earlier works were smaller in size - around 18” - and some of his later, more expansive pieces are over 6 feet in height. One of the major changes he described was his mold-making techniques. In the early days of his career he used to hand-deliver (via plane trips) the delicate 1st positive molds to a factory in the Czech Republic to have the investment mold created. He now uses a topographic CAD program which accurately translates the contours of his designs and are used in place of the positive mold. The good news is he can send his computer file directly to the fabricator and no longer has to transport fragile molds by plane! The glass casting takes place in the Czech Republic. All cold working to finish his sculptures is done by his hands in his Novato studio.