GLANC at Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area for Un-no, a solo exhibition of works by Ted Sawyer, with lecture and reception
Saturday, April 2, 2016

[Susan Longini]

GLANC members were treated to an enlightening afternoon with a talk by artist Ted Sawyer followed by a reception for his solo exhibition at Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area. Ted is both a visual artist and Director of Research and Education at the Bullseye facility in Portland. In this capacity, Ted has had the opportunity to work with leaders in the field who come to Bullseye to fabricate large and difficult designs, and has had ample time to reflect on the nature of glass, its physical properties, and the alchemy it creates.

After finding an old Kodak instant film camera, he began taking shots, realizing that the commitment to take a photo with film is very different, much more purposeful, than with a digital camera. Film is expensive and limited. The Kodak shots are not nearly as clear or color-correct as a digital shot. But the faded, grainy images became an inspiration.

Ted’s work in glass focuses on the use of powders: sifted, scraped, combed and stacked on glass sheets to create luminous abstract works that were informed by the Kodak images.

Un-no continues through April 16th.


Ted Sawyer with GLANC members