GLANC Trip to Art Palm Beach
January 2016

[Carol Mapes]

An enthusiastic group of 26 people welcomed the New Year with a trip to Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Although glass is not the primary focus of Art Palm Beach, there were several well-known galleries exhibiting (Habitat MI, Tom Riley, Litvak, Bender) to name a few. The crowd is very glitzy, a far cry from Northern California!

We visited several collections in the Palm Beach Gardens/ West Palm Beach/Palm Beach area: Arlene & Norm Silver; Sandy Baklor & Arlene Kaufman; Sue & Bill Kolodner; Doug Anderson (where Donna Schneier was selling the collection).


Steve Linn Installation at the Funk home


The owners were enthusiastic & gracious; we all enjoyed their hospitality & love of glass. Steve Linn was present at Marsha & Steve Funk’s home where he had made a glass & wood wall commission honoring seminal glass pioneers: Chihuly, Libensky/Brychtova, Morris, Littleton, Tagliapietra, and Labino.

In Boca Raton we were treated to a spectacular Atlantic Ocean view (not to mention the glass!) at Sharon Karmazin’s home. 

Perhaps our most unforgettable trek was through an incredible rainstorm to Miami where we were able to visit Myrna & Sheldon Paley’s home which is a treasure trove of glass with so many pieces that we could barely see them all. We followed the visit to their home with a visit to the Paley Pavilion at the University of Miami’s Lowe Museum. There, a beautifully curated collection of some of the Paley’s collection was assembled.


A bit of the Paley collection at their home


We also enjoyed a demo by Laura Donefer at the Benzaiten center.

Along the way, our members emptied their pockets at Habatat Florida and at Sonny Stewart’s gallery in Boca Raton.


GLANC trip to Art Palm Beach